Custom Websites

Designed For Humans, Built For Search

A Great website Is 3 things

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  • Easy For You
  • Easy For Search
  • Easy For Users

WordPress makes it easy for you to keep the content of your site updated. It’s an intuitive widely used platform supported by millions of developers world-wide.

User permission levels allow you to control the access that different users have to update the site.

All sites we host are kept safe via a premium security suite that uses 30+ methods of keeping your site safe 24/7.

Every website we create is designed for humans and built for search. We use the latest on-site SEO techniques to ensure maximum exposure for keywords and phrases.

We'll make sure your site is generating the leads and traffic it should to make your business successful.

Your website will be built for beautiful and simple navigation, allowing visitors to find information quickly.

Strategically placed images and text will give your visitors a positive lasting impression that will keep them coming back for more.

Websites with Beauty & Brains

Every website we create is built with aesthetics, purpose, structure, and SEO in mind. Some of the key elements you can expect are:

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Site Launches

Our clients are some of the most respected in their field. Firetruck manufactures, national restaurants, fashion boutiques, and everything in between.

What to expect when building a website

Content Creation

Before a single design app is opened, we’ll get to know you, your company, and its audience. We do this through an initial meet and greet, analyzing your competition, and conducting market research. Finally, we’ll work with you to create an outline of your website’s pages that will tell us what content to create.

AVG: 2 Weeks

Custom Design

Once content has been finalized, we’ll build a fully interactive, working home page for you to explore. This process lets us arrive at a final product faster than other agencies who spend hours designing, and then additional hours coding. We merge both processes into one seamless action.

AVG: 2 Weeks

Site Development

With the home page approved, we’ll begin building the rest of your site using HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress. During this time, we test your site’s compatibility with popular web browsers on desktop, tablet and mobile screens. Your visitors will have the best experience on any device.

AVG: 2-4 Weeks

Final Review

After your site has been fully built, you and your team can go through every page as though the site were live. Once everything is to your liking, the site will be scheduled for launch!

AVG: 1 Week

Website Launch

Now that we have final approval, we’ll begin the process of taking your site live – taking special care to make sure that your email and.or related web apps stay in tact and uninterrupted during the process.

AVG: 1 Week