Web Hosting

Web Hosting

We have the best web hosting for small businesses. There are several cheap web hosting companies out there, but none will give you the individual support and service you deserve.

Finally. Business Web Hosting That Makes Sense.

No confusing terms or techno-babble. Just straight forward, every-day language to help you understand exactly what you can expect from our web hosting.

Website Security

We implement a full security suite that protects your site against attacks, malware, and utilizes 30+ methods of security all day every day to keep your site safe.

Regular Backups

Daily backups of your entire site are made and kept in several secure locations. In the (very rare) event of a crash, we can have you back up within minutes.

Encrypted Data

All sites come with SSL Certificates which are essential for making sure data entered on your site (such as contact info via a form) is encrypted and kept safe.

SSD Storage

Our hosting platform is built on lightning fast SSD storage to ensure your visitors have a positive experience. Fast loading content also means better ranking.

Managed By People

Every site is maintained monthly by a real person who logs in, takes a look around, and makes sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to.

Email Options

We offer expandable email solutions (such as Exchange) for businesses of all sizes at flexible and affordable rates. Need extra security? No problem!